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"Compared to real experience, theory is like snow falling on a blazing fire."
Japanese, 9th Century


Accreditation Board

Nigel Williamson (Chair), Kate Dolan, John Armitage, Mavis Wenham

This is not strictly a committee because it acts quasi-independently. It regulates the established colleges of CST, advises new training initiatives and seeks to ensure the standards that the Association demands.

AGM Committee

Lulu Ferrand

This working group/committee is responsible for organising the AGM. Its remit includes locating a suitable venue, deciding on the best format of the day, including any speakers, and making its recommendations to the trustees. It works with the venue staff, liaises with Chair, Secretary and Treasurer as necessary, reports to the trustees, helps in the preparation of articles/documents to inform members about the event, and seeks to enable its smooth running. Its budget comes from the trustees.

CPD Committee

This committee determines what is appropriate as CPD, both primary and secondary, and also what First Aid is acceptable.

Disciplinary Process

Liz Kalinowksa (Complaints Officer) and various other members and lay people as and when complaints arise.

The disciplinary process may involve one or more of the Investigating Committee, Professional Conduct Committee and the Health Committee, which are formed as needed. The process includes receiving complaints, arranging advisers for complainants, and mediation where appropriate, liaising with lawyers when necessary, and ensuring that all documents are fit for purpose and legally correct.

PR Committee

Beatrice Doubble (Chair), Catherine Daley, Miki Ettore, Gerri McLoughlin, Louise Toone

PR committee is responsible for how Craniosacral Therapy is presented to the general public on its website, leaflets and other promotional materials. It keeps members up to date with what is happening within the CSTA via newsletters etc. The Chair attends trustee meetings but is not a trustee.

Research Committee

Julieann Withey (Chair)

The research committee encourages research into the efficacy of Craniosacral Therapy and the collection of data from members to validate the therapy in the eyes of the public and the scientific community.

Supervision Committee

Beverley Katz (Chair), Tracy Evans, Dawn Goodes, Penel Meredith

This committee regulates supervision and supervisors. It interviews and appoints new supervisors and stipulates the training that supervisors have. It also decides the appropriate levels of supervision for our members, reporting to and being answerable to the Trustees.

The Fulcrum

Stephanie Fowler (Editor), Tina Marshall


Anne Hebbron (Administrator)

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