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Viral Meningitis Project

We are delighted to be using our 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon place to raise funds for a CSTA-led project, in association with Meningitis Now, on the impact of Craniosacral Therapy in helping to ease the after-effects of viral meningitis. The project will be launched during Viral Meningitis Awareness Week, which is the first week of May.

Common after-effects of viral meningitis include: exhaustion, headaches, memory loss, anxiety, depression and dizziness/balance problems. Practitioner case studies and recent international CST research, which focused on symptoms similar to those listed above, suggest Craniosacral Therapy could be beneficial to many sufferers. 

Meningitis Now ran a pilot study in 2013 looking at the impact of some complementary therapies following viral meningitis and already lists the CSTA as a source for finding a registered therapist. We are undertaking our project to gain further insights into the benefits of using Craniosacral Therapy as a complementary therapy to those experiencing the distressing after-effects from viral meningitis. We are grateful to the Meningitis Now Trust for facilitating the project by alerting potential eligible participants via their helpline.

We are looking to raise £1,800. We aim to offer 10 adults aged 18 plus, who have had viral meningitis in the past five years (formally diagnosed by their GP), six Craniosacral Therapy sessions each, to be conducted once a week. All funds raised will go towards paying for these treatments.  

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