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"A path is found by walking on it."
Chinese, 4th Century BC


The CSTA’s accreditation process promotes the practice of craniosacral therapy in the best interests of the public and its practitioners.  Its main objective is to ensure that colleges are training students to the level of competencies outlined in the CSTA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice documents.

The Accreditation Board, which has been set up by the Trustees and is answerable to it, has as its members both practising craniosacral therapists and lay people with particular skills in education and training.

The colleges that the Association accredits receive site inspections from the Accreditation Board and their procedures and teaching curricula are assessed.  The ethos, integrity and professionalism of each college and its ability to meet the criteria and educational standards of the Association provide the basis for the Board’s judgement.  Above all, the Board seeks to ensure that students are well served by the college and are trained to a high level of competency.

Download the association's accreditation guidelines (.pdf - 442 kb).

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