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Complaints Procedure

The Association has a complaints procedure in place. In the event of a complaint arising, it is first looked at by a 'screener' who is a member of the Association.  An adviser is appointed to assist the person making the complaint. The screener talks with the complainant to see if the complaint can be resolved by discussion or mediation.  If not, written submissions are requested from both the complainant and practitioner for review by the Investigating Committee. This committee decides whether there is a case to answer, and in some cases, has the authority to settle the complaint.  In cases where physical or mental fitness to practise is at issue, the complaint will be passed to the Health Committee, or to the Professional Conduct Committee in all other cases. Where either committee decides the allegation is well-founded it has a range of remedies to fit the circumstances. Hearings of the PCC are in public unless the committee decides otherwise.

If you have concerns or a complaint about a practitioner, please contact our Complaints Officer.

Disciplinary codes

Investigation and Disciplinary Procedures

Procedural Rules

Future hearings

Notices of hearings to be held by the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) are posted here 28 days in advance. PCC hearings are open to the public unless the Committee decides otherwise.

No PCC hearings are scheduled in the next 28 days.

Findings of recent PCC hearings

There are no findings of recent hearings posted at the present time.

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