The Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust

Michael Kern, the founder of Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (“CTET”), who is not a member of our Association, was removed from the GOsC Register by the GOsC’s Professional Conduct Committee (“the GOsC PCC”) last year. This was due to a number of serious professional misconduct charges being admitted by Mr Kern and found proved by the GOsC. The GOsC PCC Committee’s determination can be found on the GOsC website. We understand that Mr Kern has not been teaching at CTET since this decision was made by the GOsC.

It is our understanding that the management committee of CTET are intending to reinstate Michael Kern to resume a teaching/curriculum role in January 2020. They have been informed by the CSTA’s Accreditation Body that this would put the college in breach of the CSTA’s accreditation guidelines. Since being informed of this, and on 22nd October 2019 CTET management committee have decided to withdraw from the accreditation process and therefore lose their accredited status.

The trustees are saddened by this decision taken by the CTET management committee, as the college has had a long and distinguished reputation for its training excellence.