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"Only those who taste life will recognise the flavour of love."
Sufi, Persia, 15th Century

Fulcrum Articles

We have made available a selection of articles from past editions of The Fulcrum, which we hope you will find interesting and informative.

Cranial Connections - Su Fox

Cranial Work at Orphanages in Malawi and Ukraine - Carol Bamber and Christine Grabowska

Tsunami in Japan - Kaeko Kato

Gina Leads the Way - Matthew Appleton

Inner Processes of the Practitioner - Maura Sills

Mission Impossible? A Journey Out of Autism - Denise McCann

Recovery From Chronic Fatigue and the Importance of Resources - Viola Sampson

The Path Taken Away (Adoption, Ancestry and the Shadow Self) - Sue Harding

Working With Tinnitus - Julian Cowan Hill

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