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"True listening is worship"
Martin Heidegger

The Fulcrum

The Fulcrum is the magazine of the CSTA and is published three times a year. 

If you are not a member of CSTA but would like to receive The Fulcrum you may be interested in becoming a Friends of CSTA.  At a cost of £35 a year, Friends receive The Fulcrum, e-newsletters and other information available to members.

Alternatively, you may subscribe to The Fulcrum at the following rates.

One year: UK £27.60; Europe £34.95; Rest of the World £39.15.

Two years (save £3.60): UK £51.60; Europe £66.30; Rest of the World, £74.70.

Three years (save £10.80): UK £75.60; Europe £94.05; Rest of the World, £106.65.

Further discounts are available on longer subscriptions.

To apply to become a Friend of CSTA or to subscribe to The Fulcrum please email our Administrator, Susanne Wakefield.

For full information about becoming a member of CSTA, please see Join the CSTA.

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