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"Except for the point, the still point, There would be no dance, and there is only the dance."
T.S. Eliot

Viral Meningitis Project

In association with Meningitis Now, we are conducting a study into the impact of Craniosacral Therapy as a complementary therapy for those experiencing the distressing after-effects of viral meningitis. Meningitis Now ran a pilot study in 2013 looking at the impact of some complementary therapies following viral meningitis and already lists the CSTA as a source for finding a registered therapist. 

Viral meningitis in adults is up to five times more common than bacterial meningitis. Despite it being a notifiable disease, milder cases are difficult to diagnose. Many people may not realise that they have contracted viral meningitis and may be at a loss to understand the after-effects that they may be experiencing. Common after-effects of viral meningitis include exhaustion, headaches, memory loss, anxiety, depression and dizziness/balance problems. As antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, treatment is limited to symptom relief. Recent studies, along with research by Meningitis Now, suggest that Craniosacral Therapy could be beneficial to many people suffering the after-effects. 

In 2016 Dillon became seriously ill with viral meningitis. Here he tells us about the debilitating after-effects and how he benefited from Craniosacral Therapy. Dillon's story

Our study involves providing Craniosacral Therapy to ten adults, referred to us by Meningitis Now, who have had viral meningitis in the past five years (formally diagnosed by their GP). They have now each received six sessions within a three-month period and are required to complete four sets of questionnaires - before treatment, at the mid-point, at the end of the course of treatments and six months later. We aim to consider not only the impact of CST on a participant's health and wellbeing but also any financial consequences, such as medication, GP visits and sickness days.

Please help us extend this invaluable study by making a donation. If you would like more information please email Nicci Parry, Research Group Chair.


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