In the spring of 1989, inspired by their tutor, Franklyn Sills, seven graduates of the Karuna Institute became the founding members of the CSTA. In the early 1990s graduates of the College of Craniosacral Therapy were invited to merge their association to forge common ground between CST practitioners. By 2000 membership had increased to over 300, plus a student membership.

“There is strength in numbers, like a collective voice,
rather than a single voice in the wilderness.”
Felicity Collins, CSTA Chair 1989

The CSTA’s Fulcrum magazine started life as a photocopied newsletter eventually being christened Rhythm & News before morphing into its present form in 1998. In the same year CSTA’s website was launched. In 2008 the membership voted for self-regulation and two years later an accrediting body was formed. In 2019, the CSTA celebrated its 30th anniversary and a newly-designed website made its debut. By this time five colleges were accredited and membership numbers had swelled to over 600.

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