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Who we are and how to contact us

This website is controlled by The Craniosacral Therapy Association UK (CSTA).  The CSTA is an accreditation and regulatory professional body for craniosacral therapy in the UK. Our charity number is 1156168.

We are the ‘data controller’ for any information about you which is collected or submitted during your visit to our webpages.  For any questions or concerns regarding your privacy and your privacy rights please contact

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is placed onto your device (e.g. computer, smartphone or other electronic device) while you use a website. Cookie information about your behaviour on a website may also be stored by the data controller after you leave the site. Many websites contain cookies from third parties who may also gather information about your online activities. ‘Tracking cookies’ gather information about your online behaviour after you have left the website.

How and why the CSTA uses cookies

The CSTA respects your personal data and uses only the minimum cookies needed.

While you are browsing the CSTA website we use only ‘session cookies’ which link your actions during a particular browser session. These are necessary to make our site function properly for our visitors. They allow you to be able to navigate our website and use its features.

Our session cookies expire each time you close your browser and do not remain on your device afterwards. They are also deleted from our server on the hour, every hour.

We do not use cookies to store any information about you, your IP address or your browsing activity after you have left our website.

CSTA ‘Members-only’ web pages and cookies

When CSTA members log into our ‘members only’ web pages, we use a different type of session cookie in order to administer use of our Members Only features and resources.  This cookie is responsible for authenticating the member when logging them in, and allows us to keep them logged in on subsequent member-only pages.  This cookie does not store member information and is deleted as soon as the member logs out.