Professional Partners

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council is a voluntary regulator of complementary therapies. The CSTA acts as a verifying organisation for registered craniosacral practitioners who might also wish to register with CNHC. Members who choose to register with CNHC are still bound by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and our own registration and disciplinary procedures continue to apply.

The CNHC registration form, along with further information, is available to members within the members’ area resource centre.

Holistic Insurance Services

The CSTA has in place a customised group insurance scheme with Holistic Insurance Services through which members can take advantage of competitive prices.

HIS was formed in 2002 and now insures over 20,000 therapists from a wide variety of disciplines.

Integrated Healthcare Collaborative

The CSTA is a core member of Integrated Healthcare Collaborative, a collection of 26 leading professional associations and stakeholders within complementary, traditional and natural healthcare. Members work together on common areas of interest to increase access to their therapies, promote greater integration with conventional Western medicine and improve patient outcomes.