Dawn Goodes

When I joined a multidisciplinary complementary health clinic as a massage therapist, I was introduced to cranial osteopathy by an osteopath colleague, who encouraged me to join her on an CST introductory workshop at Karuna. I was immediately drawn to this wonderful therapy and graduated from Karuna in 2013.

After serving as a member of CSTA’s Supervision Committee for seven years, until my tenure ended in 2022, I felt that I needed to be involved more in our amazing association and became a trustee in 2023 with the intention of increasing awareness and accessibility of CST.

Andrew Radley

Before my CST career I was an international opera singer. I encountered CST in 2003 on the advice of a wise singing teacher, when inexplicably I found my voice shutting down during a period of important work. CST provided a supportive, gentle and non-judgemental environment in which my body and mind could process what I experiencing.

In the back of my mind I knew I had to find out more about this incredible therapy at some point. I graduated from Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust in 2017, where I now teach on the practitioner training and in the school’s teaching clinic. A strong desire to help grow public awareness of our work led to me becoming a trustee in 2021.

Annemieke Romeijn

I graduated from the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust in 2018 and became a trustee in 2021, enabling me to become more widely connected with fellow craniosacral therapists from my base in Amsterdam.

I was a minister for eight years, unconventional in my approach as, having been raised in an old-fashioned Christian family, I was determined to get my female voice heard in religious matters. It took a while before I realised that I could not change the establishment all by myself and I left the church altogether. CST helped me to make sense of my life again.

Giulia Vaccari

Having graduated from the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust in 2017, I became a trustee in 2019 with an enthusiasm to contribute to the CSTA with my creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

I worked in the creative industries for over ten years and know about the stress of a busy life in London. I have tried various modalities of bodywork and healing over the years and found CST to be the most profound. For me CST is about self-discovery, kindness, acceptance and a celebration of all the parts of ourselves.

Susanne Zahn-Willsdon

Originally a contemporary dancer I graduated as a biodynamic CST practitioner in 2007. I became a trustee in 2019, interested in the ethics of our profession and inspired by my training and practice as a Core Process psychotherapist. I am a former tutor, coordinator and director at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust’s teaching clinic.

I first experienced CST in 2000 after the difficult birth of my daughter: with no idea what to expect I was amazed at the utterly gentle yet very visceral experience. That I was in a lot less pain and my energy levels improved dramatically after only two sessions convinced me that this was something I had to explore.