Become a CSTA Trustee

Bring your enthusiasm and ideas to make a difference as a CSTA trustee!

This is an exciting opportunity to play a central role in our future, overseeing the vital and creative work happening within the CSTA. As part of a vibrant and collaborative group, you will have an opportunity to contribute to the direction of our profession in supporting its members, giving back to the community and meeting the needs of the public.

We are entering an inspiring new phase in our evolution: clarifying our mission and purpose and devising strategic goals for the next three to five years. Now is the time to get involved!

It’s important that a wide variety of backgrounds, qualities, skills and CST experience are represented by our trustees. We value creativity, vision, reflection, pragmatism and attention to detail. You may have an interest in the work of one or more of the CSTA’s committees, such as Research, PR, Supervision or Accreditation, and expertise in any of the following areas would be particularly helpful: research, legal, finance, regulatory, charity, organisational development or business experience.

Whether you are new to practice or an experienced practitioner, we would love to hear from you. Contact Susanne, our Administrator, to find out more and to receive a full role description.