By Katherine Ukleja The Fulcrum, Issue 80 May 2020 Wise, seeing, feeling, thinking fingers W.G. Sutherland Touch is the cornerstone of craniosacral therapy. There are many manual therapies and ours relies on highly-refined, gentle, mindful touch, attuned to subtle phenomena. As practitioners, we use our entire sensorium and employ whole-body listening including interoception, regarded as … Continue reading Touch

Defining Craniosacral Treatment for Today’s Clients

by Amal Alaoui The Fulcrum, Issue 74 May 2018 Some time ago my teenage son flippantly described my work as “massaging people’s brains”! His observation, which was based on first-hand experience of treatment, gave us something to chuckle over together while I pondered the possibility that I would be defining how I work as a … Continue reading Defining Craniosacral Treatment for Today’s Clients